Penrose Design Tutti Fruitti 18" Necklace

Penrose Design

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Penrose Design Tutti Fruitti 18" Necklace

Penrose Designs jewelry is fun, comfortable and vibrantly colorful.  Ricky Bernstein and Elisabeth Cary have made colorful glass beads for 30 years. Creating the beads involves a process of carefully layering colored glass pigment as a center core followed by several layers of clear glass.  Once the layering of glass is completed, the hot glass is then stretched to 25 feet in length. This reduces the size to a pencil thin rod called "cane." Once cooled, the canes are cut into individual beads and then tumbled/polished for 20 hours. The 1350 degree furnace turns the dull surface to a brilliant smooth durable glass bead. The beads are then ready to be assembled. Penrose Design's uses spacer beads of Swarovski crystal, sterling and gold vermeil findings.

Penrose Design Tutti Fruitti 18 "necklace with sterling silver and Swarovski crystal spacers.

Tutti Fruitti Necklace 120.00
Tutti Fruitti Bracelet    65.00