Markow & Norris Hyacinth

Markow & Norris

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Markow & Norris Hyacinth

Neither Eric Markow nor Thom Norris grew up dreaming of becoming a glass artist, or sought a degree in the arts.  But a chance meeting in 1994 ignited a creative collaboration that is producing amazing results. Markow enrolled in a stained glass class in 1993.  When he met Norris, an employee at a major airline, a year later, Markow shared with him everything he had learned.  For a decade the two created stained glass windows together, then in 2002, they began experimenting with weaving techniques that would distinguish them in the field.

The technique they use-weaving colorful glass strips in a process similar to that of a fabric maker-is the result of years of artistic evolution.  Shades and hues, many inspired by nature, are what most excite Markow, while Norris specializes in form, function and installation.  Most of the woven pieces they create are slumped over handmade molds.  The end process melts vibrant color with tactile qualities, creating a piece that begs to be touched. 

21" x 7" x 3"