Cathy Shepherd Glass "Raining Rainbows"

Cathy M Shepherd Glass

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Cathy Shepherd Glass "Raining Rainbows"

Cathy Shepherd was born in Chicago and spent her high school years in Crystal Lake.  After Two years at the University of Wisconsin, Stout, Cathy was one of 40 chosen to participate in an elite design program in London. However, she turned the program down, after meeting a very influential woman who convinced her to move to Dallas, and attend the University of North Texas. She received her BFA and won an award for Best Overall Design and then went off into the fashion industry. For 15 years Cathy designed dresses for some of Dallas' elite. The latter part of these years were spent as a bodywear designer coupled with a career in fitness.

Cathy then became a yogi, and this practice rekindled her need to create art. Cathy and her husband, Tom, had purchased glass art for their home, and he encouraged her to explore it.  A couple of lessons later, and now eight years into it, Cathy has discovered her new passion for fused glass.

"My intention is to create art that is the synthesis of my feelings as I connect with our environment and human nature. Those detailed ingredients inspire my use of materials and techniques. Arousing an emotion of peace and joy is the primary goal with each glass canvas."