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Steve Main Glass Studio Forest Series Round Vase

Steven Main

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Steve Main Glass Studio Forest Series Round Vase

 Steven Main is known for his intense color patterns, that are created by laying out hand pulled cane (small glass rods )in a mosaic-like patterns.  They are placed on a heated marver, which is heated so that the glass rods are brought up the same temperature as the blowpipe.  As the blowpipe rolls across the marver, it picks up the design onto the core of the colored glass.  Several more layers are added on the top of that gather.  The process of adding more layers of glass is called casing. This process adds depth to the blown glass art.

Steven Main works reflect his interes in the patterns found in nature,  like the striations in the rocks and the visual rhythms of the planet.  The Forrest Series is a perfect example of Steven Main's use of the intense color patterns.