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R Strong Glass Dichroic Large Vase

R. Strong

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R  Strong Glass Dichroic Large Vase
R  Strong Glass Dichroic Large Vase

Randy Strong, as a modern master of glassblowing, works with the dichroic glass in this vase.  Known for helping to breathe life back into the Art Glass Movement that began in the late 1960s',  Randy is one of the artists that has mastered the difficult properties of working with dichroic glass.  
Dichroic glass is created by depositing micro thin layers of metallic oxides, titanium being one of them, deposited on the surface of plain black sheet glass(to obtain an opaque color) or clear sheet glass(to obtain a translucent, holographic effect)

R. Strong's tall column vase has bands of colors, and stripe patterns that vary in size and color.  The dichroic glass has been layered onto clear glass, and then blown out to the desired shape.