Jewelry 10 Box Fish Pin

Jewelry 10

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Jewelry 10 Box Fish Pin
Jewelry 10 Box Fish Pin

Erh-Ping Tsai and Cynthia Chaung of Jewelry 10 are originally from Taiwan. Tsai and Chaung originally met as sculpture students at the National Taiwan Academy of Art in 1974.

The pair has re-imagined and reinterpreted their love of nature to make it their own in their work.
In every design, Erh-Ping and Cynthia"s goal is to achieve what they call their ABC's: Artistry, Beauty, and Character.
Every piece is individually hand-molded and fired three to four times at various temperatures. The gold trimming is 24 Karat gold hand-drawn and then fired. They add a glossy finish to enhance the color and inlay.  
Each animal character or subject is one-of-a-kind and no two are alike.
All pins should be stored in the box they come in, with special attention focused on the delicate nature of porcelain.