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Sam Stark Glass White Anthurium Flower

Sam Stark Glass

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Sam Stark Glass White Anthurium Flower

Sam Stark first saw molten glass as a boy, and the idea of making it consumed him.  For the next thirty years, he immersed himself in the techniques necessary to work with such an old and complex material.  He recently developed a new approach for the creation of colors in over lapping layers of clear glass,  he is using color as a painter, creating unique hues and tones.
Something magical happens when the glass traps the light between the layers.  The pieces become luminescent almost to the point of looking wet. Light color, transparency and opacity have always intrigued him.  Pursuing color theory and physics of the light inspired my new pieces that work in harmony with color.  
Unique and beautiful, each flower is made by the artist Sam Stark in his Asheville studio.