Tivol Studios 11.5 " Plate

Tivol Studios

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Tivol Studios 11.5 " Plate

Tivol Studios is a dream come true for Jane Tivol. Having worked in floral design for 13 years, she finally realized she had a passion for glass. She stumbled onto a job with The Bullseye Glass Company in Portland Oregon and immediately became hooked. Jane worked there for two years before deciding to open her own studio in Oakland, California.

Each piece within the Tivol collection is designed and named for people or places that have inspired Jane. She uses hand cut and assembled glass in each design. The glass is heated in a kiln in order to merge the pieces together, then heated for a second time in a mold. Once the piece is cooled it is signed and dated.

The colorful shiny glass used in the Tivol  Studios Art glass is called Dichroic glass.  It is created by multi layer coatings of quartz crystal and metal oxides.

All glass pieces made by Tivol Studios are food safe.  They are not to be used in the microwave or should not be put in the dishwasher.  Hand washing is recommended.